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Date:2014-06-09 Print

CBMA is the largest and most powerful S&T research and development organization in the field of building materials and inorganic non-metallic materials in China. Devoting years of hard work to the research of materials and properties, production technology, construction engineering application technology, comprehensive utilization of resources and material performance test and evaluation, as well as the development of energy saving & environmental protection and high performance products related to the fields of cement, plate glass, concrete and special engineering materials, wall materials, new building materials, quartz glass and special glass, fiber and fiber composite materials, building sanitary ceramics and high-tech ceramics, refractory materials and new materials, CBMA has many proprietary technologies and manufacturing bases, and the relevant technology and products have been widely used in those important projects such as traffic engineering, hydropower engineering, nuclear power engineering, petroleum exploration, public venues, aerospace and industrial furnace, etc. as well as civil and industrial construction projects.